Decorating is challenging enough, but add no extra space and you have problems right? Wrong! Decorating for small spaces like apartments and dorms is challenging yes, but not so much you cannot accomplish this during the Christmas Season. There are some tricks and tips that can help you get going with decorating your small apartment to leave you still plenty of space for the presents this year.

Tip # 1 Christmas Tree

When it comes to the Christmas tree you have two different options. 1. You could go for a short table top tree that would definitely give you some room, but take up a table for sure. If that is not an option than option 2 is best. As crazy as this sounds you can buy a 1/2 artificial tree from places like Target. They offer quarter trees for the corner of a room just so it does not take up that much space. A great way to still have a tree, but only take up the corner.

Tip # 2 Holiday Cards to Spruce up your wall space

Use the holiday cards people send you to place around your walls. It adds Holiday cheer and more decorations for less money as well. Just tape them or tack them depending on which you want. You can even add some Garland or greenery to spruce it up a little more. Quick, simple, and takes up only wall space.

Tip #3 Add some Christmas Branches to your decorations

Add some Christmas tree branches to vases and put on some small ornaments. A fast way to get some Christmas tree cheer with a fraction of the space. You can even add some ribbon or beads to make it into your own personality tree.

Tip # 4 Use the Wall if nothing else fails

If you have absolutely no room for a tree make one on the wall with sticker ornaments or even use lights and create the shape of the tree. You can use the washi tape even to create the look of the tree. Add some pinecones if you want that special tree smell throughout your dorm or apartment.

Tip # 5 Picture frames for Christmas

Picture frames can be used to put letters in them for words like Joy and Merry Christmas. You can spell out anything in the picture frames. Plus you can get some cheap picture frames for only a dollar a piece. This is a great way to spruce up an apartment. Just add some red berry Garland to dress it up or even green pine Garland works too. Whichever you prefer will spruce up the apartment/dorm the most to your personality.

Tip # 6 Decorate up the Television Center

I know this sounds crazy, but honestly if you have no mantle piece your TV is the focal point of the room anyways so why not decorate it up? You can add a frame around the tree with some Garland or red berry garlands and some bells or small nativity scenes under the television. Go a little crazy and get creative with the TV.

Tip # 7 Miniature Gingerbread Snow globes

Use some graham crackers and make some minature gingerbread houses then put in a round bowl a medium white cupcake bowl is great and add a fish bowl over top. The bottom can be lined with coconuts with the gingerbread on top. Add some snowflakes to the outside of the fish bowl and you have small table toppers that will look great anywhere!

Tip # 8 Window Decorations to make great effects in your apartment

Cut out some snowflakes and hang them over the window when the light hits them you will have gorgeous snowflake affects all throughout your apartment/dorm space. It will have everyone in aww mode with this affordable and easy decoration.

Tip # 9 Do not forget the Chairs

Decorate up the chairs in the kitchen area by adding some polyester felt. You can create it to look like Santa’s hat or just Santa’s belly and add some colored felt to create the belt. This is a great way to utilize small spaces and enhance the Christmas Spirit throughout your apartment or dorm.

Tip # 10 Ceiling not only used to hang fans anymore

Yes, you can use the ceiling to add some lights and even ornaments. When you are decorating a small space everything from the ceiling to kitchen cabinets become a playground for decorations. Get creative, string some lights or ornaments and hang them on the ceiling.


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